The Global Coffee Trade in Numbers

Coffee has become the most consumed beverage worldwide and the second most traded commodity after oil. This revolutionary trend of global coffee industry changed the perspective of how we treat, consume or appreciate coffee.

Brazil and Vietnam can be considered the usual suspects in the chain of coffee production. They have constantly exported the largest amount of coffee, while for the year 2015-16 their combined exports overcame the total amount of all other exporting countries together. In total, the worldwide production has increased 22% the last 15 years.

However, even though the coffee production has reached these dizzying heights, no more than one third remained in the origin countries. The remaining two thirds either consumed by or traded to importing countries. Germany, Italy, and France lead in gross imports from the European Union member states, while USA broke its annual record of imports in 2014 with 27.6 million coffee bags of 60kg each.

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Infographic Global Coffee Trade_770x2193 (1)


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