A coffee studio in the Baltic States

Baltic StatesVILNIUS – Coffee Inn is the largest coffee shop chain in the Baltic States. It opened its first place in Vilnius in 2007. Now there are 32 coffee shops in Lithuania,14 in Latvia, and 7 in Estonia.

This year Coffee Inn has started a new project – an open coffee studio called Coffee Inn Roasters. The studio is located in the Old Town of Vilnius and is aimed to be an espresso and brew bar, an artisan roastery, barista academy and educational space.

The purpose of the project is shown how coffee is ground and brewed, creating culture around the world of coffee, and let people participate in seminars, taste itineraries, and other events related to coffee.

According to Nidas Kiuberis, one of the founders of Coffee Inn, the open coffee studio is created as a place where coffee culture is shared with everyone and where anyone will have an opportunity to try and make a perfect coffee, to taste different types of coffee, and to buy coffee and even equipment for making coffee on their own.

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