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Coffee in the office: evolution of coffee houses of tomorrow

Coffe in the office

The way workplaces are designed is changing rapidly to make the working day less tiring for employees. The article shows an accurate analysis of the latest trends regarding coffee consumption in the office and the countries with the highest numbers. Let’s find out the numbers behind the coffee in the office segment and which European countries are the best in this growing business

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European Coffee Market Sales Increase in 2016


Preliminary results on the European coffee markets show that the consumption in EU28 increased by 6.4% in quantity in the twelve months ending November 2016.

The CoffeeBi analysis highlights that this result is due to the overall increase in coffee sales in the second part of 2016. In the first six months, consumption in EU28 stood at +1% (compared to 1st semester 2015).[Sign in to continue]

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