Author: Andrew & Claire Bowen

London Coffee Shops Go Green and Get More Guests

London Coffee Shops Go Green and Get More Guests

An innovative new scheme that gets coffee shops new customers and promotes environmental awareness is launching in London in February 2018. When working with Coffee Shop and Cafes to get more customers one of the most successful strategies is using ‘joint ventures’ or cross promotions. By working with non-competitive businesses whose customers or staff are similar to yours you can soon

Coffee Shop Bootcamp: A Journey In The Coffee Shops’ Experience


At the end of September, the very first Coffee Shop Bootcamp was run at the Union Hand-Roasted Coffee Campus in London. In planning the event, the team put a logical agenda that pulled on all their combined experience of working in their coffee/hospitality businesses and working with hundreds of different businesses every year. It took the Bootcampers along a journey from