Month: April 2016

Canadians take Tim Hortons’ coffee

OTTAWA – Tim Hortons coffee chain has greatly influenced coffee drinking culture in Canada. With nearly all streets having at least one Tim Hortons’ coffee shop which has ultimately changed Toronto into a coffee drinking city. With virtually over 80 per cent of all coffee lovers in Toronto choosing Tim Hortons for reasons ranging from low prizes compared to other cozy coffee chains to the

Minsk Coffee Fest 2016 on April 16-17, 2016


MINSK – Coffee Fest 2016 is taking place in ARENA city mall on April 16-17. It is the largest even in the industry in Belarus where producers, suppliers, vendors, and fans can meet to discuss all important issues and to enjoy coffee. The program includes degustation, workshops, and masterclasses. The main event of the fest is Belarus Barista Championship which will be held by the rules

The Global Coffee Trade in Numbers

The Global Coffee Trade in Numbers

Coffee has become the most consumed beverage worldwide and the second most traded commodity after oil. This revolutionary trend of global coffee industry changed the perspective of how we treat, consume or appreciate coffee. Brazil and Vietnam can be considered the usual suspects in the chain of coffee production. They have constantly exported the largest amount of coffee, while for the year