Tchibo Confirms Its Leadership in the German HoReCa Segment

According to a recent CoffeeBI analysis on the coffee market in Germany, three companies are ranked at the top for coffee sales in the HoReCa segment: Tchibo (the leader) followed by Alois Dallmayr and JJ Darboven. These three companies together hold 40% of shares in the HoReCa.

In Germany currently there are about 130 coffee roasters operating, these being located particularly in North Rhine-Westphalia (19%), the Hamburg area (18%) and Bavaria (14%).

The total workforce is around 25,000 units. The majority of workers are located in the areas of Hamburg (39%), Hessen (24%) and North Rhine-Westphalia (23%).

The coffee competition sees the dominos of big players like Tchibo Group, Nestlé Group, JDE Group and Krüger Group that operate mainly in the retail segment.

In the out of home market, the competition is more fragmented and we see the presence of other important operators like Melitta, Dallmayr, JJ Darboven, Seeberger, Chaqwa etc.

In the Ho.Re.Ca segment, as said previously, the leading companies are Tchibo, that also operates through its 501 brand shops in the country, Dallmayr Group, that includes the brands Dallmayr, Heimbs and Azul, and the J.J Darboven Group, with the brands Darboven, Ellies, Burkhof, Gourvita etc.

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