Ukrainians opened the smallest café in Poland

dobroOleg Yarovyj and his wife Inna came to Poland from Ukraine in November 2015. They both had worked in advertisement, but then decided they wanted something new, moved to a new country and opened Dobro&Dobro.

The total square of the place is 6 m2 and it is the smallest café in Poland. Oleg says such coffee points are very popular in Italy where people step in for a cup of espresso on their way to work or home.

The menu contains varieties of coffee, including Warsaw coffee with cinnamon and vanilla sugar and traditional for Soviet and post-Soviet countries desserts: zephyr, halva, and nuts with boiled condensed milk (dulce de leche) which are gaining popularity among customers. The coffee shop also gives an opportunity to suspend coffee, and this service is quite popular too ( .


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