Coffee Import to Ukraine Increased in 2016

Ukraine mugAccording to 2016 the country imported 29.74 thousand tons of coffee, coffee hulls and coffee substitutes. In terms of money the export grew by 9.7% – up to $94.63 million (in comparison with $86.29 million in 2015).

Still the volume of import of this product group is not very significant – 162 tons bringing $0.92 million.

At the same time the amount of tea brought to Ukraine stayed at the same level: 18.31 thousand tons in comparison with 18.33 thousand tons in 2015. Though in terms of money there was a decrease by 11.2% to the amount of $67.69 million.

Tea export from the country grew by 7.7% up to 0.39 tons which in terms of money makes 12.5%, up to $3.11 million.

In 2015 Ukraine reduced coffee import by 2.6%, down to 23.63 thousand tons. It was $86.29 million and 20% less in terms of money. And the tea import that year dropped by 12.8%, down to 18.33 tons which turned to be $76.27 million and 38.4% less on terms of money.

According to, in Ukraine the first place in coffee consumption belongs to instant coffee. 70% of all cups are drunk at home, 25% – in coffee shops and restaurants, and 5% – in offices.

Around half of the consumers in Ukraine buy a new pack of coffee once a month, 31% buy coffee every two or three weeks, and only 2% of Ukrainians buy coffee more often than once a week.

When consumers choose between various coffee brands, there pay attention to taste and price characteristics. Other important criteria are a country of origin and the design of the package. The latter one can influence the choice significantly and be the decision making factor.

The demand for coffee in Ukraine depends a lot on the rise in prices. More often people buy coffee products in different stores and supermarkets. And the residents of the Western regions are leaders in coffee consumption in the country.

In general, it is safe to say that the coffee culture in Ukraine has a tendency to stable development.

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