Which Trends Offer Opportunities in the European Coffee Market? (Part 3)

The constant price changes are happening due to changeable weather conditions and climate change, since the damage to the Brazilian crop in 2014 resulted in the higher price instability. The increasing global production is resulting in the profit decline, especially affecting growers.

The International Coffee Organization is constantly trying to provide a more stable relationship between supply and demand, but the price wars between supermarkets have been emerging in recent years due to the fact that there is a risk that the premiums paid to smallholders will be crushed by the supermarkets. [Sign in to continue]

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Coffee Price Rise in Serbia and in the World

According to novosti.rs, Brazil and Vietnam are facing the decrease of coffee growth which will affect coffee prices in Serbia, as well as in the whole world. The market demand is in constant increase, Robusta deficit is compensated with the more expensive sort, which results in higher prices.

Coffee from international markets arrived in Serbia with [Sign in to continue]

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