From Bean To Cup, The Exciting Journey Into The Coffee Summit

Coffee SummitTo respond to market trends, Coffee Consulate and INTERGASTRA are offering within the 4th Stuttgart Coffee Summit various lectures, workshops and cuptastings covering the areas of roasting sensory aspects and preparation of coffee and the entire coffee value chain.

Visitors to the 4th Coffee Summit, one of the most important meetings for European coffee professionals, will learn everything there is to know about coffee beans. This event will not only focus on trend topics such as cold brew or pour over, but also the complete value-added chain of black gold from the bean to the cup.

In the Roasters and Machine Park interested visitors will have the opportunity to experience first-class hardware at close quarters and naturally also sample the different specialities during cup tastings. An exciting action programme containing talks, competitions and workshops will round off the offering in the Stuttgart Coffee Summit.

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