Romania: The development of the 5 to Go Coffee Shop Chain

5-to-Go coffee shop chain in Romania is in constant and exceptional development. Its owner, Radu Savopol, has the goal to expand his business, resulting in 5 to go coffee shops found in 70 locations nationwide, and by the end of 2018 it will approach 100 units.[user_id]

The 5 to go chain encompasses 65 locations, and it is visited by approximately 220,000 customers / month.

With regard to the products sold, about 80% of the coffee-based beverages are beverages in whose composition, hot or cold milk comes in.

Their plans for the chain are the development of their team and the increment in the number of locations. They will start a project in Poland and they aim at opening their first locations in Warsaw, which is very likely to happen.

The idea of creating the Romanian brand of coffee-to-go segment came from the fixed price business concept and attractive design of the coffee.

They are focusing on everything new that is happening all around the world and they are not afraid of the competition. In fact, the competitors are more than welcome.

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