Coffee price expected to go up in Rome

cappuccino love ItalyRome’s Bar Association has advised bars and cafes in the city to increase prices they offer on their cup of coffee-said the in mid March 2017. The authorities announced coffee prices to go up 10-20 cents by the end of this summer. The Bar Association of Rome is an organization that provides professional assistance to city’s cafes and bars whose total number are estimated to be around 7000 all over the city as estimated by the mentioned source.

But the Italian capital, often characterized as one of the expensive cities in Europe, offers the daily staple; coffee, at relatively low prices. “The average price of a cup of coffee in Rome is among the lowest in Europe,” says Claudio Pica the president of Bar Association of Rome. He further added; “The calculations of our study show that it’s cheaper in Rome even than in Manila, Guatemale City and Lima.” (

Most bars offer an espresso at €1 price-even a cappuccino wouldn’t surpass €1.20 in Rome says thelocal. The organization is considering the price hike for the financial well being of local bars and cafes. The decision has been particularly difficult because coffee price fluctuations are generally avoided in Rome’s capital but association’s president indicated local bars and cafés needed a price raise in order to keep up with increasing bills, rents, VAT and other important costs.

Pica plans to take coffee producers and café and bar owners onboard for coffee price increase and would like them to work in a gradual manner. Customers will be educated on the causes and needs that called for coffee prices to go up . To keep up with changing circumstances; price hike is not the only one in order president of association Pica also suggested more cafés and bars need to invest in better renovations and free WiFi availability too.

Price hike is not going to be the only one agitating country’s current coffee culture. Starbucks’ announcement of opening up to 300 stores in Italy over the next five years may bring few new surprises for country’s coffee scene.

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