Why You Should Consider Renting a Coffee Machine

Renting a Coffee Machine

More than half of adults in America drinks coffee, with an average of 3.1 cups per day. Nowadays, Starbucks is on every street corner and many cafes offer coffee in takeaway cups for a small price. If you lack a coffee machine in your office, employees will defer from work to get their caffeine fix at one of their local coffee shops.

Every office needs to have a coffee machine to cater to every employee’s caffeine needs, and keep them from roaming out of the office. It is not only necessary to keep your coffee-drinking employees happy, it also is proven to increase productivity. Coffee has become indispensable in the workplace, but investing in a coffee machine can be quite expensive.

Your coffee machine at home only needs to provide a few cups every day, but in an office, with a large number of coffee drinkers, the machines need to have a higher capacity. Bigger coffee machines can cost your business thousands of pounds, and that is excluding any cost for ongoing maintenance or repair for the machine.

To boost your office with a coffee machine you don’t have to reach deep into your pockets as you would when buying. Sometimes, renting a coffee machine is a far better alternative. A vast amount of coffee machine manufacturers and suppliers have an option to rent a coffee machine for a small monthly fee.

Coffee Machine Rental has many benefits as opposed to buying. In most cases, it is cheaper than making the large investment to purchase a machine. In the short-term, the monthly rental rates will not exceed the costs of buying a machine. This also means that you are able to try a machine that would be too expensive to purchase. However, be aware that if you keep renting for a longer period of time, it may become more expensive than owning your own.

Another cost advantage arises when rented machines break down. If you own the machine, you will need to buy a new one, or pay for the repair. In a rental agreement, the provider of the machine has the responsibility of installation, maintenance and repairs. This can save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Besides the cost-advantages, renting a coffee machine provides the user with greater flexibility. If you spend money on a machine that turns out not satisfying your or your employees’ needs, the investment goes to waste. When renting a machine, you are not tied down to one particular model, but instead have the option to switch machines when you want.

Use it to your advantage and try out different models when renting to make sure you know what machine is the right one for you. This tryout can be very helpful if you decide to buy a coffee machine in the future.

Whether you decide to buy or rent, a coffee machine is key in a good office. Keep your employees – and yourself – happy by giving them their caffeine boost whenever they want.

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