Mushroom Coffee: A Widespread Earthy Drink

 The latest UK coffee trend seems to be mushroom coffee, and it is spreading fast. As reported by the Telegraph, consumers can find this type of coffee in supermarkets and in cafes, and it can be used as an anti-inflammatory beverage. This kind of coffee is also said to regulate blood sugar levels in the consumer’s body.

The drink is made of chaga mushrooms and reishi, which are used in Chinese medicine, and are currently used in skincare. Mushroom coffee is produced with ground coffee and powdered fungus, it is often sold with milk. It has an earthy taste that makes its flavour extravagant and full of surprises.

People aged 25 to 34 are the most common mushroom coffees consumers, it could be for the particular taste of the beverage, which is not easily appreciated by older people and their traditional views of coffee.

Mushroom coffee has been an available beverage in Northern Europe since the 1940s, but finally it has found widespread public and its market potential may even reach other countries.

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