Cupping: 4 Steps To Recognizing Good Coffee

Cupping: 4 Steps To Recognizing Good CoffeeIt is becoming essential, to use a good quality coffee bean, to have a tasting session of brewed coffee. This is called “cupping” and it was a common industry practice in the United States in the 1800s. As reported by The Independent, there are a few key points to keep in mind when performing a cupping session.

The first is the “smelling dry step”: inhale the aromas of the dry coffee grounds and let the coffee release all its flavour, without adding water.

The second step concerns water: put it on the fire and, then, let it cool a little, it should be circa 94/95 grades. Let the coffee grinds infuse for four minutes, then try it. Quality coffee always tastes good, even when the water becomes cold.

Then, the cupping session requires to break the coffee crust and taste it. In order to taste it, you should slurp it – this is very important because this way you can have a solid idea of all the coffee aromas.

In the end, you should try to look out for coffee body and acidity, flavour and aftertaste: it is important that you can give a strict description of all these aspects. It seems that only through cupping can you get a complete idea of the kind of coffee bean you should refer to.

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