Luckin and the Hot Coffee Delivery Model (part 1)

As explained by Qian Zhiya, Luckin Coffee founds its business model starting from some weak points of coffee shops in China: high prices and lack of presence. “In western countries, the price of a cup of coffee consists of only 1/1,000 of people’s monthly income. In contrast, it is almost 1/100 for people living in China”. “Also, the number of coffee shops in the mainland is very limited. As opposed to Taiwan, where the population of 23.5 million enjoys over 5,000 CITY CAFE shops (a brand launched by 7-Eleven), there are only 300 Starbucks stores in Beijing, a city populated with 29 million people”. Find out more about Luckin.
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Mariano Peluso

More than 15 years of experience in competitive market analysis, data surveys, worldwide markets, and a significant experience in the study of the coffee industry, especially in B2B, HORECA and professional markets. He is in charge of selecting the appropriate research methodology and supporting techniques to meet customers' business objectives, with a specific expertise in research plans and questionnaires. Consultant in interpreting data, writing reports, and making actionable recommendations. For Mariano, coffee is not only a job but also a passion.

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