2019 Coffee Trends: The Cold Brew Revolution

2019 Coffee Trends2018 is coming to an end, a new year is upon us and so are some new coffee styles and brew methods.

Which one of them is going to take the world of coffee by storm in 2019?

Cold brewing

Its popularity has been steadily growing over the last few years. It is now ready to become one of the most popular types of brews as more and more operators want a share of the profits it generates.

Cold brewing is a really long process (up to 24 hours!) and requires a special coffee maker to brew. It relies on time and not temperature; the coffee is brewed at a very low temperature over many hours. This long brewing process creates a taste that is different from regular hot coffee. It tends to be less acidic and sweeter.

A great benefit for operators is that cold brewed coffee lasts up to 2 weeks. You can brew as many litres as you need and store them, without fear of the taste changing into something awful.

Another benefit that people noticed is the lack of a strong caffeine hit.

Nitrogen infused coffee

With the increased popularity of cold brews, nitrogen infused coffee was sure to gain momentum.

The nitrogen is released into cold brewed coffee through pressurised valves to create a cup of delicious creamy black coffee with a beautiful layer of foam on top, much to like the one of nitrogenised beers.

This process exalts even more the smoothness and silkiness of cold brewed coffee. It is strongly being marketed towards gym enthusiasts as a healthier choice over standard coffees which also provide a much higher caffeine boost.

In the UK, it is already being sold in a can.

Buttered coffee

Not many of us would ever have thought about adding butter to our coffee.

This trend is gaining traction especially over young men, and it is used to give customers a great energy boost without the downside of a caffeine crash.  In fact, the fat contained in the butter slows down the release of caffeine.

Buttered coffee improves your mental alertness and also suppresses your appetite.

Drinking your coffee with a bit of butter also helps your body absorb nutrients. If used correctly, it can help in losing weight and building muscles.


Chemex is the name of a glass coffee maker. It has a paper filter at the top on which coffee is placed and then hot water is poured. The paper filter will stop all sediments and oil from entering in coffee.

Although it was invented in the 1940’s, it is expected to be back in fashion in 2019. This method gives a coffee that feels like a tea. It is diluted, has close to no bitterness and is not as strong as an espresso but allows you to taste all the subtle nuances of the grind mix that was used.

Operators who are not acquainted to this brewing method, might take some time to get used to it but, being able to add a good cup of Chemex to your menu, will definitely be a wise choice.

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