The Fully Automatic Gaggenau Espresso Machine

Gaggenau fully automatic coffee machineAccording to, the coffee market is growing bigger, consumers are seeking more authentic approaches to enjoying their coffee with distinct focuses on taste and smell and they are more demanding concerning the strength, length and the temperature of their favorite beverage – coffee. In order to fulfill these aesthetic coffee connoisseurs’ wishes, GAGGENAU – the leading brand for luxurious home appliances – presented the fully automatic espresso machine which enables the latest micro-roasting movement in your home.

This espresso machine has advanced technical performance, a stainless glass door; it maintains all the freshness of the coffee, producing best quality in-cup results, it allows you to easily customize it, make your own recipes with a simple touch and it represents an avant-garde design with its new lighting system, thus complementing your kitchen’s design.

Two dials and a screen enable users to adjust its technical specifications with quick and simple actions. Grinding, water temperature and coffee strength can all be controlled and modified to ensure every cup to be absolutely perfect. There is also the ability to save up to eight configurations to its memory, making even your most complicated favorite recipes with one simple press of a button.

With its exceptional quality and performance, GAGGENAU espresso machine is a pleasure to handle for its perfect combination of performance and affordability. Finally, coffee lovers can enjoy the exclusive culinary culture from the comfort of their homes.

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