Coffee consumption and trends in the office 2019

If a bar is a place for excellence where coffee is consumed away from home, the office is where most of the working day is spent and often also the main venue when it comes to the consumption of coffee outside the home.

For some time now, in larger workplaces, it is common to find refreshment points where employees and colleagues can pause and socialize, so much so that they have also become the very popular format of television broadcasts. The“coffee break” has long been considered an important moment of the day in many countries, and coffee consumption in offices is growing almost everywhere in the world.

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In Europe, 52% of the volume of coffee consumed out of home is drunk in the office, with very high peaks in the Nordic countries. In Italy, the percentage is 36% since there is a greater preference for enjoying one’s coffee in a bar. In France, on the other hand, consumption is 48%, in Spain 50%, in Germany 63% and in the United Kingdom 44%.

Coffee consumed in office

The growth in coffee consumption in the office is mainly linked to the evolution of work methods and the increase in refreshment points.

Interior architecture is also adapting and new offices are designed differently from in the past so as to encourage greater collaboration and sharing of ideas with themed environments and a pleasant atmosphere where almost always there is a machine for the coffee. Someone even went so far as to define these places as the “coffee houses” of tomorrow.

So, let’s not just talk about the classic offices, where the coffee machines are placed in a single point or on one floor, but of work spaces that facilitate the presence of machines in different areas and closer to the employees’ work stations.

In Germany, for example, coffee machines have been placed on every floor and, not surprisingly, the country is also the main user of automatic office machines.

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But today there is a new factor that is revolutionizing the consumption of coffee in the office: the spread of capsule machines. The variety of blends and the low price of the machines enables even smaller companies to equip themselves with “coffee corners” and to offer a variety and a wider choice of flavours compared to traditional vending machines.

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