The Growth of the Coffee Market in Eastern Europe

The coffee market in Eastern Europe accounts for 14% of total coffee consumption in Europe overall and it is growing at twice the rate as that of Western Europe (12% compared to 6%).
In terms of coffee consumption, Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic represent 65% of the total demand for coffee in Eastern Europe. Additionally, these countries have the highest growth rates in the region (Poland +11%, Czech Republic +30%).


Features of the coffee market in Eastern Europe

The use of capsules and pods for consuming coffee is not widespread in Eastern Europe and in fact represents only 4% of total consumption, in contrast with the European average of 10%. In larger countries like Poland, total coffee consumption in capsules and pods is less than 2%. Instant and dried coffee have the biggest share of the coffee market in Eastern Europe with 25% of the total compared to 13% of the European average.

Out-of-home coffee consumption trends in Eastern Europe

In 2018, out-of-home coffee consumption in Eastern Europe reached a value of approximately €992 million euros which equates to roughly 11.5% of the total European value. The growth of out-of-home coffee consumption (14.1% compared to the previous year) was double the Western European average (+6.7%) and the overall European average of just 7.5% compared to the previous year.

The majority of out-of-home coffee consumption in Eastern Europe takes place in offices and other crowded places (shopping centres, airports, stations, hospitals, and universities) representing 58.9% of the market which equates to €584.2 million.

The HORECA market, on the other hand, accounts for the remaining 41.1% of the total (€407.8 million).

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