Europe Between Traditional and Automatic Espresso Machines


When it comes to espresso machine manufacturing, the industry hasn’t strayed far from its original European roots. The continent continues to house the largest number of manufacturers of professional espresso coffee machines worldwide – by a long shot.

Europe is not only the largest manufacturer of espresso machines, but has also found itself as the meeting point of two different philosophies.

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The world of traditional espresso coffee machines, catering to establishments with skilled baristas on hand, and the world of fully automatic espresso coffee machines, where technology picks up where talent lacks. In Europe, it would seem that the availability of talent is dependent not only on the type of business, but also the country.

According to the latest figures by CoffeeBI, Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal show a vast preference for traditional espresso machines.

In Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria, fully-automatic machines find a more favourable audience. In the United Kingdom and Poland, traditional models prevail slightly, while in Nordic countries, fully automatic machines have only a slight advantage.

The European production of professional espresso coffee machines currently sits at around 340,000 machines, of which 57 per cent are traditional models and 43 per cent are fully automatic models. Only two countries, Italy and Germany, account for two thirds of total production.

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