Month: February 2020

China’s tradeshows postponed

China’s tradeshows postponed

Following the notice by the Chinese Authority to suspend all large-scale events due to the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, the organisers of some tradeshows decided to postpone some events. HOTELEX Shanghai 2020 announced that the 2020 editions will be postponed until further notice and the new schedule will be announced soon. China international vending machines & self-service facilities fair 2020 (VMF

Coffee in the office: evolution of coffee houses of tomorrow

Coffe in the office

The way workplaces are designed is changing rapidly to make the working day less tiring for employees. The article shows an accurate analysis of the latest trends regarding coffee consumption in the office and the countries with the highest numbers. Let’s find out the numbers behind the coffee in the office segment and which European countries are the best in this growing business