Global Coffee Market Away-From-Home

In 2018, coffee sales away-from-home were 1.6 million tons for a value of €22 billion (at sell-in prices). These sales grew 3.8% on average during 2016-2018.

The coffee consumed out-of-home represents approximately 26.1% of the total quantity of coffee consumed worldwide.

coffee market away from home

Europe and North America represent 65.8% of global consumption in value (€9.1 billion and €5.3 billion at sell-in prices, respectively).

Asia and Pacific recorded the strongest increase in terms of volume (+6.3% CAGR during the last three years).

The HORECA, which includes cafés, restaurants and hotels, represents approximately 41.2% of the total volume (664,900 tons for a value of €9.97 billion at sell-in) and increased by 3.5% on average during the last three years.

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The consumption of coffee in OFFICES/COMMUNITIES is worth €12.03 billion. The total volume (950,000 tons) increased by 4.0% CAGR during 2016-2018.

HORECA coffee sales increased in quantity, mostly in Asia/Pacific (+7.3%), North America (+3.5%) and Africa/Middle East (+3.5%).

OFFICES/COMMUNITIES coffee sales increased in quantity, mostly in Asia/Pacific (+5.8%), Europe/Russia (+4.3%) and North America (+4.1%).

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