Coffee Plus Machine: When the Distributor Matters

Espresso coffee machines arrive to the Horeca market mainly through the intermediaries that assess the requests of their customers (bar, restaurants, cafés etc.), against the costs and economic returns of the machines. These intermediaries enter agreements with manufacturers and select one or more brands of coffee machines to present to their customers.

Coffee Plus Machine: When the Distributor MattersIn terms of purchasing agreements, these can vary enormously. The intermediaries may sell the machines to the coffee shops, or they may offer the formula “coffee plus machine”. With this formula, the coffee machine is supplied “free on loan” or “paid use” against minimum quantities of coffee purchased monthly or weekly. In case of full sale, there is no obligation to purchase coffee.

These models vary from country to country.

In Italy, it is commonplace to supply machines “free on loan”. This practice is also common in Spain, but less so in France where main supply conditions are “paid use”.

In Germany, most of the machines are sold directly, as well as in the United Kingdom, although many distributors adopt different formulas for sale.

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