Instant coffee in Netherlands, Belgium, and Scandinavia

The Scandinavian countries are among the world’s highest coffee consumers. The fact clearly points towards the region’s fine taste towards coffee.

Instant coffee although considered undesirable, low grade form of coffee, hasn’t totally lost its sale in the Scandinavian countries and surrounding region like Belgium and Netherlands.

finnish_coffeeAccording to the Washington Post the instant coffee sales has been almost consistently growing over the last decade globally and the role in this growth is not only played by the new-coffee drinking regions.

The percentage of instant coffee, out of all retail brewed coffee by volume in Western Europe is over 25% (WashingtonPost). Which is still a higher value when compared to the US which is barely 10%.

The chart for Absolute Retail Value Growth for 2013-2018 suggests a bit higher than 10% growth for instant coffee in Western Europe.

The highest instant coffee drinking country here in the considered region (Western Europe) would be the UK where 75% of the people prefer instant (perfectdailygrind).

The instant coffee isn’t even necessarily cheap especially in Sweden and Denmark ( that only leaves the convenience factor that is obvious in the name, instant coffee is a lot quicker and hence might be preferred just for the very reason.

With Nescafé ruling the instant coffee, it is no surprise that the most liked instant coffees in the Netherlands include Nescafé Red Melange and Nescafé Gold Blend. Also Nescafé Original 3 in 1 and the Italian inspired Nescafé Cappuccino (

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