Georgian coffee to be exported to Russia and Kazakhstan

Cherie LLC, a Georgian coffee production company, is planning to deliver its coffee to Russian and Kazakhstan markets.

maxresdefaultAccording to Cherie CEO Irakli Lomtatidze, the company has been considering expansion to new markets for some time now. At the moment, the meetings with distributors are held. The plan is to send the first shipments to Russia and Kazakhstan in September.

The company is also working on presenting new products – instant Cherie coffee varieties – in a few months. As for natural coffee, there is no intention to add new products, for company’s management considers the choice of products in this segment wide enough. In general, the company sees its position in the market as stable with sales constantly growing.

Cherie LLC was founded in 2012 in Tbilisi, Georgia. It was the first company to introduce industrial coffee production and to supply freshly roasted coffee to the Georgian market, and at the moment it is the largest coffee production in the country with 4.5 mln lari (about $2.1 mln) of investments.

The company produces 4 sorts of natural coffee and 2 types of instant coffee. Cherie now employs more than 60 staff (

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