Europe: The Numbers of Espresso Machine Production

The Numbers of Espresso Machine ProdutionThe European production of professional espresso coffee machines currently sits at around 340,000 machines, of which 57 per cent are traditional models and 43 per cent are fully automatic models.

Only two countries, Italy and Germany, account for two thirds of total production. Half of the main production sites are located in Italy, while other numerous sites are located in Switzerland and Spain, for a total of around 40 production sites in Europe, according to CoffeeBI findings.

Europe is the primary target market for professional espresso machines, accounting for 54 per cent of total sales (185,000 machines). But the share of exports outside Europe is also important, accounting for 46 per cent, with that figure increasing in recent years.

The demand in Europe is stable or slightly decreasing, while the United States, Asia and Australia are seeing strong growth rates.

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