European Coffee Market Sales Increase in 2016

Preliminary results on the European coffee markets show that the consumption in EU28 increased by 6.4% in quantity in the twelve months ending November 2016.

The CoffeeBi analysis highlights that this result is due to the overall increase in coffee sales in the second part of 2016. In the first six months, consumption in EU28 stood at +1% (compared to 1st semester 2015).

European Coffee Market Sales

This positive change involved some big European countries in Western Europe such as Germany (+9.7%), and Italy (+10.7). The recovery of the coffee consumption in the German market started only in the second semester of 2016. Italy also increased its coffee sales in the first semester (+7.8%).

Consumption of coffee in the first 5 big countries (Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom representing 65% of the total EU28 consumption) recorded an increase in coffee sales of 4.8%.

Results for France and the United Kingdom are negatives. Coffee consumption in these two countries decreased by 2.6% and 3.4% respectively. Coffee sales in Spain remain almost stable.

European Coffee Market Sales

Among the other European countries, Czech Republic and Poland have seen boost at +40% while coffee sales in Hungary decreased by 20%.

Coffee markets in Eastern Europe account for about 12% of EU28 and sales in these countries have recorded a huge increase (+16.2%). Poland, Czech Republic and Romania represent about 8% of EU28 coffee market.

CoffeeBI will publish the updated The European Coffee Market Analysis 2017 shortly with detail of sales by country (including extra EU countries like Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Switzerland, and Norway). The analysis includes type of coffee consumed (R&G, Portioned, Instant) and the size of the Out-Of-Home and Ho.Re.Ca coffee markets. Contact us for more info and orders.

The European coffee market out of home 2016 and The HoReCa coffee market in Germany are already available in our e-store.

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