3 Reasons Why Your Coffee Business Is Not Attracting Enough Customers

You know that everyone in the Specialty Coffee world is passionate about this great product which is specialty coffee.

You’re convinced by its benefits, the quality, the taste, etc.

With education and trainings you as coffee professionals are able to attract customers that appreciate specialty coffee how it should be appreciated, right?

Not every coffee business is able to manage attracting customers in the long run, though… 

Can you relate?

Given also the fact, that many bigger cities now have a thriving specialty coffee scene with lots of places to go to for specialty coffee fans.

So how can you stick out?

How are you going to attract customers to your cafe, coffee shop or roastery? How can you raise awareness for your online shop, your coffee courses? To some of you the following might be totally new: A coffee business is not just successful because it is serving high quality specialty coffee. It is successful because it knows its own worth, because it knows its own values. It has a clear branding that gets recognized and remembered by its customers and it is consistent with its messages offline and online!

Here are the 3 reasons why you are not attracting enough customers, yet and what you can do about it!

1.     You are trying to be everything to everyone.

Many coffee businesses make the mistake of attempting to stand for everything when they first get started. They want to do everything well, and they want to be all things to all people

But, it is impossible to stand for everything. You are not able to be known for highest quality products AND the lowest prices. What can you do about that?

Pick something that you are really good at, like mixing signature drinks, baking pastries and such. People will appreciate your efforts and are willing to pay for it as well. Also, don’t undersell yourself and your products because you just started out. Make those signature drinks ‚ your must go to argument for your customers. Become known for that one thing!

2.     You don’t know your benefits.

You know your coffee business and your products, your offer. Who else does it know that well, right? You know what you are offering to your customers. But, do you also know the benefits of what you are offering? Do you know of what value your products are to your customers?

What needs and wants of your customers your products/your offer are fulfilling? People are heading to cafes and coffee shops because they don’t just want to drink or buy great coffee, they also go there because they want to meet friends in a nice environment, because they want to connect with other people other than friends & family, for instance.

If you know your customer, you will be able to find those benefits for your cafe! Take some time to figure out how your products or your offer meets the needs of your customer in a way that others can’t.

3.     You don’t know who your customer is.

This one might sound strange to you. I hear your protests on this already: Of course I know my customer because he or she is coming to my cafe every day and orders that Flat White…

You are right! 

But besides that, what is his or her routine? What is his or her lifestyle? When is he or she coming to your cafe or coffee shop and why? In the mornings to get the to go Latte on the way to work? Or is he/she a student who is looking for cheap food options during lunch time along with the coffee?

If you have a closer look on who your customer actually is, you are able to adjust your offer, your pricing and your messaging in general.

Your customers are one of the main reasons why you are actually doing your business, right? Talking to them and connecting with them is a great way to promote specialty coffee. Turning your customers into regulars should be on the top of your to do list when working on a strategy for your coffee business.

In finding ways to attract customers to your coffee business, without just serving great specialty coffee, you are able to stick out from the crowd and have people coming to your cafe or coffee shop, buying your coffee or coffee courses in the long run.

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