Phone Mask Makes Coffee

Mokase phone mask makes coffee

According to, not long ago, it was unimaginable to have a good cup of coffee in a means of transport leading you to work, in the middle of a work meeting, in various moments of the day. Not even to mention making it without an espresso machine. However, an unusual invention is coming to our markets showing that all this is possible – a phone mask that makes coffee.

Obviously, all the applications on our smart phones are not enough, so inventors came up with Mokase – the first utility that supplies espresso coffee whenever and wherever you want. It can make 25 ml of espresso at the temperature of 50 or 60°C. The only thing you need to do is to put a thin wafer and activate the process via application on your mobile phone. An opening system for the flowing of coffee is linked to the sim card and turns on together with the ignition of the resistance. The suitable wafer called Mokaromi, containing the already fluid coffee, is made of an internal material able to preserve coffee for the least 3 months. The utility has its own battery which reaches the temperature in 5 to 8 seconds.
The phone colors available at the moment are the white and the black. Coffee is the heart of the project, so they have offered the range of flavors which are most appreciated by consumers (classic, toasted, Arabic), moreover there will be the opportunity to choose coffee with or without sugar.

After choosing the favorite flavor, the last problem is where to pour out the coffee through a small opening at the top? Into a portable cup, of course. Easy to bring around, very small dimension and you can even use it as a key holder.

Having already started the realization of the project, it is estimated to deliver the first Mokase covers in the first decade of September.

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