Climate Change Affects Coffee

climate change treeAccording to,  we’re facing the biggest environmental challenge since climate change is affecting our brilliant planet in lots of ways. Rising average temperature does not simply mean balmier winters. In the future, there is a possibility for coffee taste to become bad and coffee prices to rise, due to the fact that climate changes affect not only its quality, but also the amount of planted areas.

In the next 100 years, global warming is likely to be the greatest cause of the decrease in coffee production in Ethiopia, unless some action is immediately taken. Coffee demand has been increasing in the last three years, thus coffee production cannot satisfy all the needs. Although growers managed not to raise the prices in the last few years and they successfully supplied all the buyers using supplies from the previous years, the International Coffee Organization is announcing that the regular yearly amount of produced coffee is on a very low level. To make things worse, high quality coffee is in constant demand while bad weather conditions are forecasted for the next few months in Brazil and Vietnam, two biggest coffee producers in the world. Concerning the fact that the temperature is so high and this has an impact on the grain quality, the best quality grains, which are the most vulnerable, will become even more expensive.

Having in mind the average temperature rise of 4 degrees, climate change is seriously affecting the number of current coffee planted areas .

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