Coffee Machines Expected To Grow In The Indian Market

Previously the coffee demand in Indian market used to be limited to instant coffee and ready ground filter coffee which is now diversifying into more innovative coffee varieties. This in turn is showing, the automatic and semi-automatic machines that are capable of brewing Italian coffee, their way into the Indian market.

As the India Coffee Shops & Cafe Market Forecast & Opportunities report, coffee market and café culture is expected to grow to a one billion Rupee value by 2017, that’s more than 14 million USD. The growth is quite evident as the outlets of various coffee chains can be seen popping up. Among the most popular coffee chains are the Café Coffee Day and Barista.

The Indian market makes a small but rather significant part of Crem International’s total operations around the globe. Their main focus is on coffee machines with their two brands Coffee Queen and Expobar, according to FinancialExpress.

The Coffee Co. and Irene’s Coffee Company are the other two names dealing in automatic, semi-automatic coffee machines in India. They also deal in Brewing equipment.

The Coffee Co. collaborates with international brands like Schaerer, Gaggia and Hario and Jura and also deal in a variety of Indian coffee blends.

The Irene’s Coffee Company deals in high-end Italian coffee machines with companies like Saeco from Milan-Italy. Coffee beans from around the world and tea-bags in various flavors are a part of their business as well.

The cafes are not the only places that drive the demand of these machines. Hotels, large corporate events and even wedding functions are where huge crowds are needed to be served the perfect cups of coffee with certain adjusted temperature and flavor in each cup. Not just the crowds, even individual preferences are changing as consumers become more aware of the new flavors and varieties of coffee. This translates that even manual brewing methods and the respective equipment has a growth potential in Indian market.

Where quick dispensing is of the prime importance in HoReCa scene, the adjustable programming is of no less importance. From the high-end machines featuring touch displays and semi-automatic machines that give more control over the various parameters that affect the final cup, to capsule and single serve coffee systems, each one is observing an increase in popularity in the Indian market.

The opinions may vary, regarding the future market for manual methods over the automatic coffee brewing machines, but the fact cannot be over seen that the Indian market has been showing a substantial growth every year regarding the sales in this sector.

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