Considering the ‘Coffice Economy’

This is a new piece of research which highlights another important function of café spaces – as places not only of co-working for independent workers, but as places where business and work takes place more generally.
The discount voucher website MyVoucherCodes has recently released some data which suggests that:

4/5 people in the UK have spent at least 3 ½ hours working from a coffee shop each week;
1/3 have closed a business deal (with an average value of £1,732);
67% said their place of work supported the idea of working from a coffee shop;
1 in 3 have attended a job interview in a coffee shop (although 43% of people are worried about lack of privacy in the coffee shop);
the average working session in a coffee shop lasts for 93 minutes;
the average worker spends up to £10 on food/drink for each time;
the average consumer spends over £2,160 a year working from a coffee shop in the UK (which is 8% of their salary), and this climbs to nearly £2,600 for the self...

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