3 Tips For Your Coffee Shop Loyalty Program

Are you setting up a new loyalty program for your coffee shop? This is a good opportunity to retain your customers. It may seem an easy job, but there are some little tramps that could frustrate your efforts. Just keep in mind three simple tips to avoid falling into some ingenuous mistakes that might undermine your efforts:

3 Tips For Your Coffee Shop Loyalty Program

1. Don’t limit your program just to discounts

Discounts have a short-time impact and they develop an opportunistic feeling for your clients. Remember that your objective is creating a long-term relationship with your clients and you have to reward them with something really gratifying.

If your mind goes to the classic 10 coffees and 1 free, think that you have a million of other chances to engage your customers: have you ever thought about lunch breaks?

2. Take care of your relationship with your clients

Clients are the most important element of your business. But remember that, according to Pareto law, 80% of your business is made up of 20% of your clients.

So you must take care of that 20% of people that are your real wealth. Retain, involve and care for them when they are in your shop but also when they are far. The internet can help you improve the relationship you have with them.

3. Let your clients feel they are joining a club, not a loyalty program

Clubs and loyalty programs are synonymous if you are so smart enough to let your client feel like they are joining something unique. Everybody loves to be part of something special. It’s up to you, be creative and smart. Reward the experience, not just the purchase.

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