London Coffee Shops Go Green and Get More Guests

London Coffee Shops Go Green and Get More GuestsAn innovative new scheme that gets coffee shops new customers and promotes environmental awareness is launching in London in February 2018.

When working with Coffee Shop and Cafes to get more customers one of the most successful strategies is using ‘joint ventures’ or cross promotions. By working with non-competitive businesses whose customers or staff are similar to yours you can soon attract many new people through your doors.  Over the years we have found working with local gyms, garages or hairdressers is by far the most effective to grow the business.

We were lucky to work with a company a few years ago called Greenredeem who marketed our coffee shop to everyone in our local area, the results were outstanding.

They incentivise environmentally responsible behaviour through better recycling and reducing waste. They provide rewards, little treats to reinforce this good behaviour. These treats are provided by the partner coffee shop or cafe.

The scheme works so well that it is being expanded again to include London. They are launching a programme with a major utility provider in London and are looking specifically for Independent Coffee Shops and cafes to join the scheme. To participate all the business needs to do is to provide an offer. Greenredeem will promote this offer to their customers.

That offer can be a straight discount like 20% off, or a free item such as coffee, or a conditional free item like a free muffin when you by a hot drink. Its a win for the coffee shop, its a win for the customers and a win for the environment. It’s an effortless way for savvy coffee shop or cafe owners to get new guests through their door and support environmental issues to boot.

It costs nothing to join the scheme, the offer can be adjusted at any time, and apart from the initial set up, there is no ongoing work.

We have had personal experience working with them as a partner so can say with certainty that it works well. If you own, run or know a London Coffee shop or Cafe who would make a be a great partner and benefit from the scheme click here for more details.

Andrew & Claire Bowen

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