Which Trends Offer Opportunities on the European Coffee Market? (Part 1)

The coffee market has changed into an increasingly concerned sector in terms of quality and sustainability, based on the awareness of the impact of climate change and new consumer demands.

  • The first wave included the increase in the quantity and guaranteed quality and taste.
  • The second wave resulted in making the difference in quality and flavor of coffees.
  • The third wave is constantly implanting in various countries taking with itself the experience of drinking coffee and the distinctive methods of roasting and brewing.

europe coffee market

The term “the third wave” refers to the production of high-quality coffee as an artisan product.

A variety of flavors are becoming increasingly available in Europe, such as coffee capsules, which represent 15% of the coffee market (P&A Coffee Newsletter, 2014). Capsules allow people to drink very high quality coffee at various moments during the day. Numerous types of coffee are sold in various supermarkets with the aim to reach all tastes of demanding customers. Even the roasters are constantly working on the development of more specialised products so as to be able to determine prices based on their products. This results in people demanding more specialty coffee, with the concern in its origin, quality and way of roasting and grinding. So, specialty coffees are developing very fast due to the branding and promotion strategies.

Also, the increasing interest in specialty coffees affects coffee bars and small roasters which is the characteristic of the third wave.

The ‘micro-lot’ phenomenon has increased due to the fact that it allows the direct cooperation and relationship between small roasters and producers. The Cup of Excellence is the most robust example of high-quality and value-added coffee.

The trend of home-roasting/on-site roasting of the green coffee beans is also increasing in Europe. This kind of trade is finished via the internet, in small packages, in connection with the dealers of coffee-roasting machines.

All in all: you need to understand and be aware of the ‘waves’ in the coffee world, in order to be able to survive in this ever changing market, as reported by cbi.eu

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