Which Trends Offer Opportunities on the European Coffee Market? (Part 1)

The coffee market has changed into an increasingly concerned sector in terms of quality and sustainability, based on the awareness of the impact of climate change and new consumer demands.The first wave included the increase in the quantity and guaranteed quality and taste. The second wave resulted in making the difference in quality and flavor of coffees. The third wave is constantly implanting in various countries taking with itself the experience of drinking coffee and the distinctive methods of roasting and [Sign in to continue]
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Sladjana Aleksic Davitkovic

Graduated in Philosophy, Sladjana has a master degree in English language and literature. She has worked as an English teacher in various schools in Vranje, as a translator, proof-reader and writer for "Profit magazine" which issues texts about economy, successful people, companies, and marketing. Since June 2017, she has been writing for CoffeeBI as a reporter from Europe.

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