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Flexible Packaging Solutions

The Bag Broker, an innovator in the field of flexible packaging solutions, provides a range of products which include bags for coffee and tea, bags for food, true bio bags and bags for product samples.

The company is highly focused on the quality of the bags to guarantee the freshness of the products: the bags are produced with a foil barrier with the best barrier properties available so as to protect the coffee from its damaging factors such as light, air, moisture and heat.

The Bag Broker has also brought relevant innovations with respect to the traditional methods of packaging. We are the first to market a packaging solution in stock which is made exclusively from materials certified as biodegradable – says Holger Nygaard, owner and founder of the company – i.e. our True Bio Bags. Secondly, we were the first to bring to the markets of Europe a box bottom bag with an innovative reseal solution, the Rip Zip Bag, and launching it as a stock line back in 2013, thus making it available to smaller coffee roasters and food packers”.

To company is also up to date with the major trends of customized printing. The latest trend is customized printing in smaller quantities, something which The Bag Broker supports by offering digital printing down to 1,000 units. The company has also offered in the last few years high quality rotogravure in volumes of 10,000 bags. This means it can offer the same quality of print as is normally available only to big names.

Another innovation brought by the Bag Broker is the new line of True Bio Bags, which are highly sustainable and can guarantee the freshness of organic products. The Bag Broker has been the first company to launch the True Bio Bag as a stock item in Europe. “Our True Bio Bags can maintain the freshness of the products due to the very strong bio-degradable barrier built into the laminate” says Holger Nygaard.

The True Bio Bag has barrier properties not much inferior to that of aluminum, meaning that the protection is good enough to be shelf-stable for most applications. What makes the bags sustainable is the fact that they will degrade over time, if composted in a commercial composting facility, with the end result clean enough to be used as compost for growing plants for human consumption. Also, a large part of the materials used for the bags comes from sustainable resources, such as corn starch and wood pulp. We foresee solid growth in the coffee and food packaging – continues Holger Nygaard especially in the higher end segments, such as specialty coffee. Specialty coffee is maturing in the UK, however it is not so widespread in the rest of Europe. I see a major pick-up in growth, especially in Germany and Southern Europe. This will mean more unprinted plain bags sold, and also a large increase in the number of customers requesting short runs of custom printed bags. We are already seeing glimmers of this in markets such as Spain and it will continue to grow and fragment with new roasters coming up for several years going forward. Being a specialist in plain bags and short runs, The Bag Broker is well positioned to serve this new market”.

The Bag Broker currently serves customers in more than 30 countries covering all continents. The countries that are served include the UK, Eire, Continental Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, South America, Africa and the Middle East. The company has its European headquarters in the UK and holds stock in its UK and European warehouses. This allows the Bag Broker to offer its customers the chance to buy pre-made bags in a wide range of sizes and colours from its web site. Deliveries can be made to the UK and Europe within 48 hours.

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