Rwanda Moves Towards The Building Of A Local Coffee Culture

Rwanda is building a local coffee cultureRwanda’s government hopes to create a coffee culture in their country, convincing people to drink and consume what they produce.

Rwandan people are not used to drinking coffee: infact coffee seems to be very expensive to buy (2,000 Rwandan francs, £1,70), and people usually drink tea instead, as reported by the Guardian.

Pie Ntwari, a speaker for the National Agricultural Export Development Board, believes in the importance of increasing domestic coffee consumption, in order to avoid the appeal of popular brand like Nescafé.

Rwanda exports almost all its coffee, but during the last few years, the rise of a richer social class has brought coffee consumption from 0,02% (2007) to 1,3% (2017).

The government is also trying to make people drink more coffee by serving local roasted coffee in restaurants and hotels and organizes coffee seminars and tastings.

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