The Rise Of Independent Coffee Shops Threatens Costa Coffee

The Rise Of Independent Coffee Shops Threatens Costa CoffeeCosta Coffee declared a decline in its sales of 1.5%, relating to the third quarter of 2017, as reported by the Guardian. However it is still one of the most important coffee chains in the UK. The Company was created in 1971 by two Italian immigrants who, in 1995, sold the business to Whitbread. Costa Coffee can now claim more than 2300 stores in the country. In the last year it has been slowing down its expansion of branded coffee chains in the United Kingdom, due to the rise of independent coffee shops. Costa Coffee stores, however, are still places where people meet and exchange ideas and chatter: Costa’s main goal is, in fact, to make the consumer comfortable, thanks to the familiarity of the environment. Anyway, it is not cheap when it comes to different coffee flavours or coffee sizes: their coffee also seems to be dark and very bitter.

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