Coffee Shops Cut Down Free Wifi And Keep Laptops Closed

Coffee Shops Cut Down Free Wifi And Keep Laptops ClosedAre Coffee Shops going to scrap free wifi in order to avoid the use of laptops in their cafes? According to The Guardian, it is what it is happening in different coffee shops all over the world.

Dough Lover, Brighton’s coffee shop, has put a clear sign on its door: “This is a laptop free zone”. The reason? Customers seem to spend a lot of time in cafes, but drinking only one cup of coffee.

However, according to Ronke Arogundande, the owner of Dough Lover, there is a more important reason in doing so: people seem to have lost the ability to socialize in coffee shops and to enjoy the amiable atmosphere.

Several other shops have cut down free wifi in the last few years: in 2017, Cafè Grumpy, a small coffee chain in New York, avoided the use of laptops in its shops. In Denmark, Enghave Kaffee prefers a good book to free wifi.

Anyway, not having a free wifi zone seems to be a big problem when it comes to students: it is what happened in the University of Southampton students’ union cafe, where students cannot study anymore.

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