Costa Rica Leads Neutral Carbon Coffee Production

Costa Rica Leads Neutral Carbon Coffee ProductionIn Central America carbon neutral coffee seems to be the new trend; three zero-emission coffee companies have their bases in Costa Rica, and the country has become top of an important change happening to preserve the environment, as reported by Reuters.

In 2007, Costa Rica set itself a goal: to become carbon neutral by 2021, and it is working hard to gain significant results. The first thing the country has done is switch fertilisers to avoid water and energy waste, and it seems to be advantageous for the environment and the producer as well.

Costa Rica adopted the Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) plan in order to help coffee producers cut their emissions.

However, consumers seem to not yet be ready for this change, especially because of the costs which come with zero-emission production, and it is important to raise consumers awareness. As said by Peter Laderach, climate specialist at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture, information is all. It is paramount to inform consumers about their choices, eventually companies could show the carbon footprints of their products and consumers will know they are buying a product which helps preserve the environment.

However, coffee is not the only drink involved in this new trend: several other companies in Sri Lanka, India and China are also investing in zero-emission tea.

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