Espresso? It is the Top Choice for Argentinians

When you think of Argentina, your mind may go to Mate, a traditional caffeine-infused beverage that was first consumed by the indigenous population, and that is very popular in South America. But, although Mate is considered the official national beverage, coffee is one of the other drinks that takes a central role in Argentinian life.

In Argentina, coffee is not only an enjoyable drink, it is is an important part of the Argentinian social life. Indeed, having a coffee is a great opportunity to meet friends and talk with them for hours over a cup. Indeed, social activity revolves around bars, coffee shops, hotels, companies, restaurants, and anywhere you can taste a delicious coffee. Coffee usually comes with a glass of water or sweets

The Argentinian coffee lifestyle is very similar to that of the Italians. Also, thanks to the influence of Italian immigrants, espresso is the top choice for Argentinians.

Here are the types of coffee that Argentinians usually drink:

  • Un café chico” or “un café en jarrito” (in a mini mug) are the typical expressions you will hear in a local cafe to order a strong espresso, which can perk you up for a few hours. “Un café chico” without any more details is a short black espresso, while “un café jarrito” is basically a double espresso
  • Argentinians usually also drink espresso with a little milk, best known as “colorato” (macchiato), or with cream if you prefer it to milk, so this coffee is almost like a delicious dessert
  • Lagrima is an inversion of a café macchiato, which means a cup full of milk with a touch of coffee
  • Café con leche is a cup half filled with coffee and half with milk, with which you can modify the dosage (es. “mas leche que café”, more milk than coffee)
  • Cappuccino, a cup of coffee, milk and froth, usually topped with a little cinnamon or chocolate and served in a slender transparent glass
  • Americano, an espresso with added hot water.

Espresso? It is the Top Choice for Argentinians

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