Author: Annarita Peluso

The United States Leaves The International Coffee Agreement

The United States Leaves The International Coffee Agreement

The United States are withdrawing from the International Coffee Agreement 2007, the international commodity agreement between coffee producing and consuming countries, whose objective is to strengthen the global coffee sector and promote its sustainable expansion. As reported by Ico, the withdrawal of the United States will take effect on 3 June 2018 according to the Rules of the Organization. Mr José

ICO Celebrates The Role Of Women In The Coffee Industry

women in the coffee industry

On International  Women’s Day,  the International Coffee Organization is celebrating the role of women in the coffee industry. Indeed, in Brazil or Burundi, Cameroon or Colombia, India or Indonesia, women are playing an increasingly active role in the coffee value chain. Women represent 43% of the labour force in agriculture, playing important roles as farmers, labourers and entrepreneurs, according to

Not Only Tea: The Japanese Are Coffee Lovers

Coffee Culture in Japan

It seems strange to talk about coffee culture in a country like Japan, which is stereotypically considered a country where tea is the main staple. But if we look deeper we see that coffee consumption in Japan started at the end of the 18th century thanks to the Dutch  living in Nagasaki and the first bulk imports there were in 1877. During the last 40 years Japanese coffee consumption has increased. Today Japan represents the third largest country in terms of total consumption of coffee among importing countries (All Japan Coffee Association).

In Japan, coffee consumption per capita was 207 cups in 2014, compared with 240 in South Korea [Sign in to continue]

The Coffee Competition Started In Shanghai

The Coffee Competition in Shanghai

SHANGHAI – Hotelex, one of most important and largest trade show, has made its début at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) today and it will end on April 1st, 2016. During the exhibition, the World Coffee Events (WCE) has organized six events, such as the World Latte Art Championship, World Cup Taster Championship, World Coffee Roasting Championship and World Coffee in Good