10 African Coffee Brands That Are a Hit

10 African Coffee BrandsThe African coffee market is growing strongly. The continent that is always dedicated to the production and export of coffee is now rapidly developing flourishing domestic markets, especially in urban areas of Africa where coffee culture is growing rapidly.

Ten African brands are making huge profits.The first four are exported all over the world, as reported by africa.com.

1. Tanzania’s Peaberry coffee

Grown on Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro, it is considered the strongest brand in the world because of its medium-toasty aroma and its stratified flavor with floral notes.

2. The Ethiopian Harrar

This coffee is cultivated mainly in the southern regions of Ethiopia. It is full-bodied, spicy and fragrant, qualities that have made it not only the most popular brand in Africa, but the seventh most popular brand in the world.

3. The Etiropian Yirgacheffe Coffee

It is grown at heights of up to 6,600 feet above sea level. It is also treated wet.

It has a spicy and fragrant taste that is very popular not only in Africa but also in the whole world, being considered the eighth best coffee brand in the world.

4. Kenya’s AA Coffee

It is grown at over 6,600 feet above sea level on Kenya’s highest plateaus, considered the best place to make coffee. With a rich or floral or citrus aroma it is considered the tenth best coffee in the world.

5. Uganda’s Good African Coffee

It is now sold under four different names: Rukoki Gold, Espresso Roast, Freeze Dried Instant and Rwenzori Mountains. Uganda has become one of the main coffee exporters on the continent because of its excellent Robusta trees.

The country has low internal consumption rates, and therefore manages to produce larger quantities to be exported. In this sense, Uganda is competing with Ethiopia in the export sector not only in terms of quality but also in quantity of exported coffee.

6. Madagascar Excellence Roasted Coffee

It is produced, like almost all of the country’s coffee production (90%) by small farmers producing both Arabica and Robusta quality. This brand is available in various flavors: light roast, roast city and medium dark roast.

7. Burundi AA Kirimiro Coffee

It is a heavy and rich coffee with floral aromas. Coffee along with tea are the main exported products and account for 90% of foreign currency earnings.

8. Cameroon Arabica Coffee

It is a coffee with a rich, aromatic and spicy flavor. In the country both Robusta and Arabica are produced, the latter is considered an international excellence. This is due to the mild climate that favors the conditions of agriculture.

9. Côte d’Ivoire – Ivory Coast’s Coffee Beans 

This coffee’s  qualities offer a slightly bitter and rough taste. The country, which sees almost half of the population involved in the production of coffee, is now opening up to the international market.

10. DRC’s Virunga Beans

They are characterized by a particular rich and fruity flavor. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is one of the leading producers of coffee that is grown in all regions of the northern, eastern and central basin. Both Arabica and Robusta blends are produced.

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