The HoReCa coffee market in Denmark

The HoReCa coffee market in Denmark has increased significantly in the past few years. In the last few years, coffee consumption not only increased in the country but has also moved towards a more sustainable consumption.

Historically, coffee consumption in Denmark has been synonymous with drinking large quantities of filter coffee. There isn’t a household in the country without a filter coffee machine. But since 2005 the increase in consumption outside the home has driven people to meticulously research brewed speciality coffees.

The horeca coffee market

Today, the country as a whole and particularly in the capital, swarms with lively coffee shops where people meet to talk and hang out while they enjoy a well-brewed cup.

Consumers have increased their expectations in terms of quality, origin and specialty. The roasters and bartenders, on the other hand, get their message across communicate to the coffee drinking public with coffee certification, sustainable origins, and production processes.

The hospitality industry accounts for more than 13 thousand businesses in Denmark.

There are also increasingly new ways to consume coffee, in particular, in specially designated corners at fast food establishments and in convenience stores.

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