Kazakhstan and its new coffee production

ASTANA – Natural coffee is not very popular in Kazakhstan, but different enthusiasts try to promote coffee culture in the country.

One of the reasons that made Gadzhi Gadzhiyev, the head of a production cooperative, start coffee production in Kazakhstan is that it takes too much time for coffee to travel from a country of origin to consumers. For example, it may take about half a year for coffee to get from Italy to Kazakhstan which is not good for its qualities.

So now in the city of Shymkent there is a production cooperative that makes fresh coffee. The beans are gathered in Brazil at 2200 meters above the sea level and delivered green to Kazakhstan. Then they are roasted and ground according to Turkish technology.

The workers say that they even spolied 400 kilos of raw coffee before they learned how to make coffee truly tasty and flavory.

The cooperative plans to sell its coffee in all cities of Kazakhstan, according to 24Kz.


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