Month: May 2016

The Business Model of Coffee Machine Distribution

The Business Model of Coffee Machine Distribution

The business model of the distribution of coffee machines represents an important indicator that could influence the future development of the coffee industry. The importance comes from the main debate concerning the freedom of the Horeca market to choose multi-suppliers and offer to the end user different types and qualities of coffee. That the espresso machine market is so closely

The Danish Coffee Roasters


COPENHAGEN – Denmark is one of the top six countries having the highest coffee consumption in the world. With per capita consumption entering the kilogram range (gcrmag), it isn’t hard to predict this slice of Nordic region has some really exciting specialty coffee to offer to the world. Some of the best roasters from Denmark are Coffee Collective, Kent Kaffe,

The Netherlands and some specialty cafés

AMSTERDAM – The local coffee landscape in Netherlands has some really good cafés and roasteries they can brag about. Two of these fine quality artisan coffee roasters are Bocca and Coffee Xperts. Founded by Jan Schuitemaker & Tosca Schuitemaker-Kreike in 2002 Coffee Xperts started out as coffee retailers. 2005 was the year they incorporated roasting into their business. In 2010 the retail