Month: May 2016

Coffee Machines Expected To Grow In The Indian Market

Coffee machines in the Indian market

Previously the coffee demand in Indian market used to be limited to instant coffee and ready ground filter coffee which is now diversifying into more innovative coffee varieties. This in turn is showing, the automatic and semi-automatic machines that are capable of brewing Italian coffee, their way into the Indian market.

As the India Coffee Shops & Cafe Market Forecast & Opportunities report, coffee market and café culture is expected to grow to a one billion Rupee value by 2017, that’s more than 14 million USD. The growth is quite evident as the outlets of various coffee chains can be seen popping up. Among the most popular coffee chains are the Café Coffee Day and Barista. [Sign in to continue]

Starbucks First Sustainability Bond


Starbucks is preparing to invest in sustainable methods to support coffee production in the future, looking towards the investors. It has been reported that it’s the first time Starbucks is issuing $500 million U.S. corporate sustainability bond (Fortune, Bloomberg). The earnings from the sale of ten-year senior notes are expected to be $495.6 million (Fortune) and will fund the Eco-friendly

Presse Café is looking for opportunities in Moscow


MOSCOW – Canadian coffee shop chain, Presse Café, is planning to come to the Russian market. Company’s top managers are looking for a master franchisee. At the moment, Canadians are evaluating the risks and making decisions about presence model which is most likely to be a partnership with master franchisee. According to the company’s blog, “CEO and his esteemed advisors are

A Barcode for Ethiopian Coffee Farmers


In Ethiopia, Arabica coffee beans are now subject to a new tagging scheme. They must be packed into a sacks marked with barcodes that tell to global buyers exactly where the beans are from. Through this tagging scheme farmers can develop more expertise and increase the value of their product before it comes to market. According to Ermias Eshetu, chief executive of the Ethiopia

Not Only Tea: The Japanese Are Coffee Lovers

Coffee Culture in Japan

It seems strange to talk about coffee culture in a country like Japan, which is stereotypically considered a country where tea is the main staple. But if we look deeper we see that coffee consumption in Japan started at the end of the 18th century thanks to the Dutch  living in Nagasaki and the first bulk imports there were in 1877. During the last 40 years Japanese coffee consumption has increased. Today Japan represents the third largest country in terms of total consumption of coffee among importing countries (All Japan Coffee Association).

In Japan, coffee consumption per capita was 207 cups in 2014, compared with 240 in South Korea [Sign in to continue]

Dubai and Its Coffee Shops

Dubai is a place with huge sky scrapers, shopping malls, sparkling vehicles, and the most number of five star hotels than anywhere else in the world. But what about a good coffee? Coffee and café culture begun from the Middle East arguably though today Dubai’s coffee shops display a mix of Greek, French to Arabic café cultures with the liveliness of the

Europe Between Traditional and Automatic Espresso Machines

Europe Between Traditional and Automatic Espresso Machines

When it comes to espresso machine manufacturing, the industry hasn’t strayed far from its original European roots. The continent continues to house the largest number of manufacturers of professional espresso coffee machines worldwide – by a long shot. Europe is not only the largest manufacturer of espresso machines, but has also found itself as the meeting point of two different

Instant coffee in Netherlands, Belgium, and Scandinavia


The Scandinavian countries are among the world’s highest coffee consumers. The fact clearly points towards the region’s fine taste towards coffee. Instant coffee although considered undesirable, low grade form of coffee, hasn’t totally lost its sale in the Scandinavian countries and surrounding region like Belgium and Netherlands. According to the Washington Post the instant coffee sales has been almost consistently

Coffee Plus Machine: When the Distributor Matters

Coffee Plus Machine: When the Distributor Matters

Espresso coffee machines arrive to the Horeca market mainly through the intermediaries that assess the requests of their customers (bar, restaurants, cafés etc.), against the costs and economic returns of the machines. These intermediaries enter agreements with manufacturers and select one or more brands of coffee machines to present to their customers. In terms of purchasing agreements, these can vary