The Slow Growth Of Coffee Consuption In Poland

 Coffee Consuption In PolandThe coffee culture came to Poland quite late – in the end of the 80s. Before that the only coffee you could find in the country was Robusta which was not easy to buy. After becoming a democratic republic, Poland got access to all varieties of coffee though it took time to catch up with the rest of Europe. Today Poland has joined the third wave of coffee (perfectdailygrind).

In 2015 the total consumption of coffee in the country reached 1.5 million in 60kg bags. Per capita consumption made 2.3 kilos (

The peculiar fact is that prices for coffee in the country are quite low. According to some experts, it happens because raw products are imported directly from plantations. The biggest exporters are Brazil and Vietnam, they have about 71% percent of the raw coffee market. 67% of the roasted coffee come from Germany (polska-kaliningrad).

According to a 2014 research, most people in Poland drink instant coffee. 74% confirmed that they drank this sort of coffee during the year. 63% of the respondents drank ground coffee, and 37% preferred flavored instant coffee (cappuccino, latte, mocha), 23% chose whole-bean coffee, and 27% opted for coffee in capsules.

Though coffee consumption in Poland grew by 80% within past ten years, specialty coffee holds less than 1% of the country’s market. That actually means that dark stale coffee dominates the sector, and pour overs take second place to espressos (perfectdailygrind).

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