A Bike Ride for Suspended Coffee

In Northern capital of Russia there is now a new format of bike renting and coffee sharing. To promote charity and bikes there has been created a possibility to get a free hour of bicycle rental. All a person should do is suspend a coffee in a coffee shop that has joined this program, and then have a free hour of bike riding. The only condition – one should return the bike to a station where there are no bikes at the moment (modny.spb.ru).

The bicycles are provided by Cafebike. Cafebike has organized a completely new system of bicycle rental: all bikes are located near coffee shops and cafes that have joined the program. No lock or automated stations are necessary. Users just need to use an app to get a verification code, then show the code to a cafe manager – and they get the key.

Cafebike is a start-up, and the founders of this bike rental haveplan to go worldwide.

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